Chapter 3
Chapter 3
Chapter 3

Yong Yong

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The auction begins.

Ms Ren and Rood are seen watching from above on the second floor. They talk for a brief moment about the misson.

A flashback is shown and the objective of the mission is revealed; to carry out a revenge. Master explains that the client was greatly humiliated by a rank 3 magician named Cloak. This unknown female has requested that he is to be humiliated in turn. Embarrassingly enough, it was to pants the man.

A princess and her two attendants, Tessiana and Rom are present. A teenage boy named Lapis and his father are also taking part in the auction. A man is talking to another named Shic, saying that their mission is to protect the magic stone. However, Shic is seen plucking leaves off a branch while mumbling "he'll come", "he won't come". He continuously does this until he reaches the last leaf, which determines that "he" will come.

The auctioneer introduces the main item, the rare magic stone of the highest class, [Shajan's heart]. The crowd applauses as they admire the stone. Meanwhile, Ms. Ren asks Rood if he can feel the target's aura. He replies that there are too many people and that their auras are all mixed, preventing him from pin pointing the target. He then [awakens] into his other form.


Characters in order of appearance

1. Ren

2. Rood Chrishi

3. Kielnode Chrishi (flashback)

4. Princess Yutiarien Meria Kansiole

5. Rom

6. Tessiana

7. Lapis Yuan Nuadly

8. Van

9. Shicmuon

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