Chapter 40
Chapter 40
Chapter 40

Yong Yong

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Although Professor Rowell wounds the demon she is fighting, it was able to escapes back into the ground. She and her companions decide to pursue it.

Professor Heil locates the other students with his magic and tells Chevel and Dio to follow him.

Linus, Lapis, and Cynthia are marveling at how Blow killed the mid-rank demon in one single hit. Suddenly, the demon that Rowell was fighting erupts from the ground. Blow prepares to strike it when Professor Rowell cuts the demon in half and continues onward to Blow, forcing him to block.


Characters in order of appearance

1. Tessiana

2. Professor Kan

3. Yuti

4. Professor Heil

5. Dio Varus

6. Chevel Phon Hadelio

7. Blow

8. Lapis Yuan Nuadly

9. Linus En Grium

10. Cynthia Mars

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