Chapter 5
Chapter 5
Chapter 5

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Tessiana and Shicmuon commence fighting with Shicmuon having the upper hand. He easily stops her sword swing with his hand and blasts her away at point blank range. He advances on her fallen form and picks her up by her hair. Tessiana awakens and breaks free. Rom drags the princess out the building because her bodyguard, Tessiana, is busy fighting. 

The people in the crowd are frantically searching for the magic stone. Foremost among them is [Lanoste's Dog], who is angry at Shicmuon for not giving it to him before fighting. Blow approaches Cloak while having an internal crisis over his embarrassing mission before lunging forward to pants him, only to backing out at the last second. He grabs onto Cloak's shale instead and the shale revealed the magic stone, which Cloak was attempting to hide. Cloak, assuming Blow is trying to steal the stone, starts yelling at him and awakens. He attacks, causing Blow to block. The cloak that Blow was wearing slip from the impact and his identity is revealed. The spectators yell "It's the Black Magician!" which draws Shicmuon's attention, distracting him from his fight with Tessiana. 

Blow asks the crowd to leave him alone until after he is done his business. Cloak misinterprets it and believes that he wants to take the magic stone from him. Before Blow can correct him, he is attacked by Shicmuon. 

Tessiana lies injured in the middle of a four-point crater. She vows to not lose again the next time they fight. Meanwhile, Shicmuon has backed Blow up against a wall and greets him with "Hello Blackie."


Characters in order of appearance

1. Shicmuon

2. Tessiana

3. Yuti

​4. Rom

​5. Cloak

​6. Van

​7. Blow

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