Chapter 61
Chapter 61

Yong Yong

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The chapter starts off in Opion. It seems that the crater made by Shicmuon is now fixed. Master is trying to think of a way to tell Rood about the situation while Ren is looking through some papers and it seems that she has come across some disturbing news.

Shicmuon is being informed by a Helios staff about how the Hereis system works. Before he can finish, Shimcuon leaves the room. He is then confronted by Rowell who he does not seem to remember. He starts walking off while Professor Kan follows. Shicmuon has a flash back to when he was given the magical artifact. Lanoste informs Shicmuon of the Ishuella incident. He tells him that his first priority when entering the school is to find anyone who seems suspicious whether that be a student or professor. Meeting the Black Magician will come after. Shimcuon is then seen asking if the Black Magician was present in the school, to which this was denied, angering Shicmuon.

Rood meets with Lispen who tells him about the extended mission and that magicians from the outside will be coming in order to investigate. He then informs Rood that he knows he is not a mere rank 7 magician.

Professor Kan is seen coming back without Shicmuon, something that surprises the Helios staff to which he informs Kan that he was "The Association's Shicmuon". He added that he is like a ticking time bomb and should not be left alone. Shimcuon is then seen being confronted by two Hereis.


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