Chapter 62
Chapter 62

Yong Yong

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Rood is chatting with Lispen. Lispen goes on to tell him that he knows he is the Black Magician. He reassures Rood that he is not the type to gossip and then leaves the room. This shocks Rood who tries to figure out how he knows this information.

Shicmuon is seen with the two Hereis who compliments him yet insults him at the same time. Two klads notice this and thinks that it will become dangerous. So, they decide to go and tell a professor which turns out to the Orphell and Deon.

Rood leaves the room while pondering about his current situation. He then spots Chevel who was getting his stone recharged. Surprised and scared after seeing Rood, Chevel runs away. Rood gets annoyed and gives chase.

Chevel has ran outside and believes that he has lost him. Just then, Rood comes out in front of him surprising Chevel. Rood tries to confront him on his behavior and about his relations with Lispen but finds out that the latter has started running away again.

Orphell and Deon is seen observing Shimcuon and the two Hereis. Orphell says that if anything happens, he can use this against Shimcuon in order to expel him from the investigation. He then orders Deon to create a sound proof barrier. Shicmuon tells the two to go away, which angers them. Deon worries that the two might die. He then spots Rood and Chevel heading their way. Rood pins Chevel down and sits on him. He then notices the Hereis.


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