Chapter 68
Rood being Innocent
Chapter 68

Yong Yong

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Rood is walking back to class and sees a crowd blocking the doorway to his classroom. He believes that Lidusis might be in trouble and tries to plow through. He finds that Shicmuon is seated at his desk and is soon having small talk with him. Rood tries to feign being innocent in order to get out of the discussion.

Orphell and Deon are seen together. Lispen walks up and tells them that he cannot trust Helios so therefore, he needs the co-operation of the Tower. Orphell then asks Lispen if he knows something they do not.

Dio is still sitting in the room when the shadow appears and calls him "Diorook"

In the classroom, Shicmuon is seated on top of Rood's desk. Rood tries to confront him but ends up backing down. Lidusis tries to help by offering his desk to Shicmuon. Rood attempts to get out of the situation but Shicmuon is persistent in monitoring him. An explosion is seen happening in the school.


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