Chapter 7
Chapter 7
Chapter 7

Yong Yong

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Strange summoning circles appear and demons start to form. 

Ms Ren finds Blow and Shicmuon tells [Lanoste's Dog] that the magic stone has disappeared. Ms Ren tries to convince Blow that they should teleport away but Blow is reluctant due to the fact that he has not yet completed his mission. Shicmuon interrupts them so Blow won't leave. Blow tells Shicmuon that they should not be fighting in the current situation they're in but Shicmuon says that he does not care what happens and fires an attack at Blow. [Lanoste's Dog] blocks the attack with his body and demands that Shicmuon stops. [Lanoste's Dog] wants to escape before the Tower's magicians arrive to deal with the commotion.

Ms Ren is attacked by a demon and is saved by Lapis who in turn, needs to be saved by Blow. Ms Ren tells the reluctant Blow to forget about his mission and pulls out a teleportation scroll. She offers to take Lapis and Rune with them and starts the incantation. Shicmuon, angry at Blow for trying to leave, creates the magic circle again. Ms Ren finishes the teleportation spell just as the building explodes.

In the woods surrounding the building, two demons are present with one canceling the demon summoning circle. He then respectfully addresses the other demon who is perched on a branch above. The demon is named Rubymonter and she crushes the magic stone with her bare hands, declares that humans are boring, lowly things.


Characters in order of appearance

1. Blow

2. Van

3. Shicmuon

4. Lapis Yuan Nuadly

5. Rune

6. Ren

7. Gamode

8. Rubymonter

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