Chapter 81
BH 81
Chapter 81

Yong Yong

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Demons start to chase after the students and as one of the students are about to be caught, Rood appears and saves him. He then attempts to inquire info about Lidusis when Shicmuon appears and he escapes before the latter could catch him. This time Shicmuon has inquired about Rood to the student.

On the other hand, Professor Kan is anxious about their situation since they can't use magic. With the other two professors, they discussed what to do about their current position when Lapis interrupts their conversation. Professor Orphell appears at the scene and comments how there's a restriction on their magic but not on mana stones.

Rood runs away from Shicmuon, who catches him and throws him towards a demon. Rood manages to save himself and break loose. Shicmuon moves towards Rood and was about to start another fight when another demon appears behind him. Fortunately it was slain immediately by Professor Rowell who then points her sword at Shicmuon.


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