Chapter 86
BH 86
Chapter 86

Yong Yong

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Marquis Hadelio shouted with impatience as the Tower Magicians inspect the barrier around Helios. The 4th Master leads the group and tries to talk to Marquis. Lidusis' older brother appears and tells him he was worried because he has a brother who attends the school.

Rom scolds Princess Yuti. Lispen looks intently in Dio's direction and Deon appears, searching for Professor Orphell. Professor Orphell talks to the students once again and asks them to fight using weapons, but this was voluntarily. The students were hesitant at first, but later decides to fight. Iel asks Lidusis and Dio if they want to fight too but Dio declines after remembering Blow's question, he says he'll only be a burden. The professors agree with Blow's plan, to find way for them to use magic and to let him deal with the outside monsters. Karina asks about Baldwin and the other Hereis bring up his strange attitude, but they believe he might be hiding his real identity.

Professor Rowell attacks Dio but was stopped by Lispen. He tells him to step back because they already know someone is disguised as a human.


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