Chapter 9
Chapter 9
Chapter 9

Yong Yong

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Rood apologizes and smooth talks the noble's attendant into letting him go. The attendant, Lispen, comments that there is no way a normal kid can jump from the top of a building and land unscathed. The noble is impressed with Rood's abilities.

Rood returns to Opion and to meet up with Master. He finds out that the very same noble was sitting there and drinking tea. Rood immediately slams the door out of shock. He starts wondering why they are there. Master opens the door and drags him in, saying that they are clients. Rood sits awkwardly across from the noble woman. The lady asks if he is the child that was mentioned by the master, to which he confirms that he is. Master goes on to tell her that Rood is a rank 7 rookie who just became a magician, which confuses Rood because this is false information. 

The noble woman introduces herself to Rood as "the woman whose carriage he landed on" and comments that she can put her faith in his abilities. Master thanks her for the compliment and addresses her as "Duchess". Hearing this, Rood becomes startled with her high rank. The Duchess then says "Let's start the story."


Characters in order of appearance

1. Duchess Dayner Artian

2. Lispen

3. Fran

4. Rood Chrishi

5. Kielnode Chrishi

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