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Dio Varus



Dio Varus
Korean 디오 바루스
Awaken name
Alias Diorook
Vital Statistics
Age 17
Gender Male
Race Demon
Status Alive
Professional Details
Occupation Student
Affiliation Rubymonter
Magician Rank
Helios Rank Idun
Debut Chapter 11

Dio Varus (디오 바루스, Dio Baluseu) is the tritagonist of Black Haze. He is an Idun at Helios and is in the same class as Rood and Lidusis.


Dio has blue hair and golden eyes. He wears a Helios uniform with black suns to indicate his status as an Idun. 


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Rood Chrishi
When Rood first transferred to Helios, Dio quickly befriends him.[1] Initially, Dio warned Rood about approaching Lidusis and going against the Hereis, but soon he befriends Lidusis as well. Dio is one of the students who knows his identity.

Lidusis Dien Artian
Although Dio was reluctant in get involved with Lidusis, he soon became one of his close friends.

Dio infiltrated Helios at the request of Rubymonter. However, he is not loyal to her and claims that he did as he was told for his own sake.

Dio does not seem to view Elzeble as an equal despite being allied with him.


Dio as a dragon

Dio in his dragon form

Dio can take on the form of an enormous dragon. In this state, he is able to fly around Ishuella in a short amount of time. His long, sharp teeth and talons allow him to grab and carry things.

Protection Spell
Dio was able to defend himself from the "Black thing's" advances.


  • (To Rood) "Oh, My…. Rood…. You poor soul who has not yet learned the truth of hierarchical society!"[2]
  • (To Elzeble) "Silence. I killed him because he was annoying. Tell her that. Elzeble… Just because I listen to your nonsense don't think of us as equals."[3]


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