Ishuella Arc
Ishuella Arc
Ishuella Arc



37 - 54

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The Iduns and some Hereis are teleported to Ishuella, a cursed and isolated location. It is revealed that this was planned all along by Professor Heil.As the Iduns struggle under Heil's power, they witness him drop Dio off the cliff he artificially created with magic.

Blow finds himself together with three students; Cynthia Mars, Linus En Grium, and Lapis Yuan Nuadly, who became separated from the main group of students during the teleportation.

It ends with Blow saving the students from Heil, a blue dragon killing the professor by eating him, and the appearance of the Tower Magicians who teleports them all back to Helios.[1]


  • Marquis Hadelio and Ibriel Hadelio are introduced in this arc.
  • Chevel Phon Hadelio is the first student who learns of Rood's identity.
  • Orphell's first appearance as a Tower Magician, but no name was given.
  • It reveals the first existence of a mixed-creature. (half-human and half-demon)


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