Lapis Yuan Nuadly
Lapis Yuan Nuadly
Korean 라피스 유안 누아들리
Awaken name
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Professional Details
Occupation Student
Affiliation Helios
Magician Rank
Helios Rank Idun
Debut Chapter 3

Lapis Yuan Nuadly (라피스 유안 누아들리, Lapiseu Yuan Nuadeulli) is the empire's one and only female duchess'[*] son and is the heir to his family.[1] He attends Helios as an Idun and is said to be pretty influential and popular in the school.


Due to his weak ability in magic, he remains an Idun.[2] However, Lapis greatly admires strong magicians such as the Black Magician, Shicmuon, and Professor Rowell. He even wishes to become like them. He is knowledgeable in the theory behind magic as evidenced by being the only person other than Rood to realize that the teleportation circle for the Idun's practical training was strange.[3] Lapis tries in vain to obtain lessons from high class magicians such as the Black Magician and Professor Rowell.

[*]Duchess Dayner is a duchess as well, but, Lapis' mother is implied to be the head of the family while Dayner is the wife of a Duke, which makes her a Duchess. However, Dayner is not the head of the family.


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