Lin Noa
Lin approaches main characters
Lin Noa
Korean 린 노아
Awaken name
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Race Human
Status Alive
Relatives Ben Noa
Professional Details
Occupation Student
Affiliation Helios
Magician Rank
Helios Rank Idun
Debut Chapter 11

Lin Noa (린 노아, Lin Noa) is Ben's older sister and an Idun at Helios. She belongs to the same class as Rood, Dio and Lidusis.


Lin is very kind, as shown when she was extremely bothered by the bullying of Lidusis. However, she lacked the courage to voice her opinion about the matter until Lidusis attempted to shield everyone from the klad's attack. During the incident with the Klads, she untied Lidusis and gave the rest of the class a speech about how bullying him is wrong.[1] She even defends Lidusis when the students were panicking about possible retribution for being in the same class as Lidusis and Rood.[2]

Relationship Overview

Lin and Rood did not meet each other until he began attending the same school. The first time she spoke to Rood was when she thanked him for delivering Ben’s letters. Soon, they became friends.[3]

She is very close with her brother.

Lin’s bestfriend’s name is Carmille.

After the incident with theKlads, Lin hesitantly approaches the desk Dio, Rood, and Lidusis were sitting at and since they got along well, she befriended them.[4]


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