Lispen BH37
Korean 리스펜
Awaken name
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Race Demon
Status Alive
Professional Details
Occupation Professor at Helios
Servant of Lady Dayner
Affiliation Helios
Artian Estate
Magician Rank
Helios Rank Professor
Debut Chapter 8

Lispen was one of Lady Dayner's attendants. He is currently in the Tower , with the rest of  Helios's staff and students due to the Helios invasion. He was tasked with helping to investigate the Ishuella incident and to protect Lidusis.


Demonworld: Edit

Lispen is one of the demons who come to live, after the Demon King (Brother) went to the human world. Due to his human like appearance he was tossed into the Black Water of the Demon World by three winged demon monsters. But instead of dying, Lispen is saved by the (Human) Demon King. Nevertheless, Lispen get caught again by the by three winged demons. This time they ripped out his only wing, and jeer at him, he could not fly with it anyway. Before the demons are able to toss Lispen again in the Black Water, the (Human) Demon King appears again and kills the demons. Lispen was about to collapse, so he fell into the Kings hands. The King used his magic to give Lispen additional two wings, so he “would be able to fly now”.

Then Lispen started following the (Human) Demon King and Dio. He got beaten up by Dio several times, but due to persistence Lispen becomes a part of the King's and Dio's company. [1]

Artian Estate: Edit


He was first introduced with his partner, Fran, escorting Lady Dayner to Opion. Lispen has not shown many of his skills, but he is quite perceptive as he is able to identify Rood as the Black Magician.[2]


Lispen has neck length, sky blue hair and a pair of golden eyes. He wears a white robe which covers half of his body. Inside the robe is a light blue blouse. When he enters Helios as a professor, he wore a blue suit.

In his demon form he grows three black wings and seen to have waist length hair and eyes with black sclera and golden slitted iris.


He appears to have some sort of connection with the mana puppet. [3]

Translation Note:

In Chapter 113, he was described as a "Speed Magician / Demon". What it should say is "The Artian's EXCLUSIVE magician".

The character used for this word can mean "Exclusive" or "Speed", among other things, which is what caused this confusion to occur.


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