The Magician's Tower was founded by Meredith, and acts as the empire's rule and order, much like an official defense group. The Magician's Tower is said to be the place where the history of magic began.[1] It appears to have a bad relationship with the Association.

The Tower only seems to take direct orders from the royal family, but this may only apply to lower level members of the Tower.

  • Magicians of the tower have been shown to have little to no regard for the safety of anyone other than the members of the royal family and the integrity of any person or creature that may be of magical or intellectual advancement or achievement. This is shown when Dio, in his form of Diorook, was shielding Helios students with his body and wings and the Tower ordered the students to be left where they are in order for Dio to have a handicap so they could subdue him.
  • It is later revealed that the source of Tower's mana comes from a demon (A Corpse of the Demon King).[2]
  • The [ceremony] was held here.
  • Kielnode Chrishi was a former Magician of the Tower before the Ceremony which took place 8 years prior to the beginning of the series. After being the "only" survivor of the massacre of the Ceremony, Kielnode faded relatively into the shadows by leaving the Tower to become the Master of Opion.


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