• Blow (Rood's awakened form
  • Tessiana (Professor Rowell's awakened form}
  • Damios (Professor Kan's awakened form)


From the writing left behind by kings, magicians are known as "God's Envoys". They purified the filthy land by punishing evil demons and thus, were called great saviors. But, because of unqualified modern "magicians" that run around with illegal "marks" and incomplete awakenings, it's not exactly a suitable term.[1]
  • Professor Orphell's Mark in his face.
  • Rood's Mark in his right hand.


Real magicians carry a mark on their body which indicates the fact that they have finished awakening. Along with a mark, magicians also obtain a new name which will stay with them for the rest of their life. Unfortunately, they cannot choose this name.[2]


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